Yahya Khan dated Noor Jahan during the 71 war!

Sure we never had much respect for this guy for it was during his era that the dark chapter of our history, the fall of Dacca occurred. However today we bring you for the first time the rosiest part of his life, long hidden from the public.

According to the Hamood-ur-Rehman commission, not only was our beloved ex-President openly involved in womanizing but was often not sober and remained drunk during most of his Presidency (no wonder the country broke in two)!

But without any shred of doubt according to his personal staff back than, his most famous catch was the Lollywood darling of the sixties, Noor Jahan.

Noor jehan Yahya Khan
President Yahya Khan in a dressing gown with singer Noor Jahan.

The report reveals that during the height of 71 war, our President Yahya visited Lahore for a few days where on daily basis Noor Jahan used to visit him and often did not leave until the after the midday next day. One can only wonder what the ex-President was doing with this lady at the height of 71 war!

Yahya Khan was perhaps the most hated man of his time. Till this day he is remembered as a dark figure who brought this country to ruin yet nevertheless he certainly was the ladies’ man of his time for at the height of his power (short stint of 69-71) even the much famed Grace Kelly is rumored to have been impressed by his charm.

Bravo Yahya you certainly set a precedent which even our beloved Mr.10 percent was going to find hard to break in his heydays! Kudos