You’re at Risk Without An Employee Wellness Newsletter — Get One of Your Own Instantly, and Every Month On Time

Employee wellness newsletters are an essential part of an organization’s communication program. It is the most effective way to communicate between an organization and its employees. They can be utilized to share information among departments, to recognize performance, to praise points of accomplishments, to deliver training tips, and to build morale.

Employee wellness newsletters are a powerful and cost-effective tool, however maintaining a newsletter is very difficult. They are time-consuming and most importantly they require no interruption of the staff member assigned to assemble them. This is the rub.  Due to these reasons, many newsletters are short lived and companies are unable to have a newsletter.

A company from South Carolina, WorkExcel is offering a brilliant solution to this problem.  The WorkExcel newsletter solution eliminates the burden of a newsletter with an editable, reproducible, web useable, and re-name-able, customized publication. Company subscribers receive a newsletter that is ready to use but can be customized if desired—edited, amended, or articles deleted and replaced by internal company content. The most important feature—Frontline Employee newsletter is never late and arrives a week early.

Frontline Employee Newsletter

Frontline Employee has been helping organizations with workplace newsletters since 1993. They are the newsletter of the U.S. Senate, House Representatives, Dartmouth College, dozens of Army bases, universities worldwide, state governments, and much more.

WorkExcel newsletters product includes FrontLine Employee, Frontline Employee in Spanish, FrontLine Supervisor and Work Life Excel.

Now with WorkExcel on your team, it’s easy to maintain relationships between an organization and its employees.

For more information visit the WorkExcel website