Zartaj Gul – One of the many hypocrite faces of PTI

If anyone asks me what exactly PTI stands for. A one-word answer would be ‘Hypocrisy’. First, they set high standards when they were in opposition. But since coming to power, Imran Khan and his party members have been badly exposed.

Zartaj Gul made an official written request to Secretary Interior Major (retd) Azam Suleman Khan to appoint her sister Shabnam Gul in the National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta).

Zartaj Gul’s blatant nepotism is not surprising at all. She has only carried the slogan of ‘Tabdeeli’ and implemented it. The slogan for change actually means ‘Doing the complete opposite of whatever they promised’.

And then make the minister resign only to be reinstated again. That’s ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Basically, it’s fooling the already brainwashed group of worshippers.

Then we have the PTI influencers driving the Youthia mindset. On Twitter, you can find some of the prominent ones: Mehr Tarar, Farhan Virk, Mir Mak (Fraudster), and the new entrant Veena Malik.

I think the first question Imran Khan should answer is on what basis his minister of climate change Zartaj Gul has been appointed. What her qualifications other than being a sycophant.

Well, in Naya Pakistan, sycophancy is the foremost requirement. Qualification and expertise come later or don’t really matter.

Zartaj Gul should have by now apologized. But instead, she is blaming the journalists who exposed her.

If Imran Khan is serious about changing the culture of nepotism, he should kick out Zartaj Gul from ministership and from his party as well.

And don’t tell me about whatever the opposition did in the past 30 years or 70 years, they didn’t pretend or promised to be the saviors of the land of pure.

In fact, by the end of PTI’s term, you’d come to the conclusion that they were more worse than the rest.

However, if you’re one of the blind supporters of Imran Khan, then you’d still believe whatever he says or claims.