10 Things A Newbie Blogger Should Know About Blogging

Are you planning to create a blog?

Or have you created it already?

Then Congratulations! It’s going to be one of the best experiences of your life.

Blogging can be really fun; it’s one of the coolest things you can do. Designing website can be challenging and at the same time very rewarding. Furthermore, with blogging, you can share what you know to the whole world.

Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, you can earn money with your blog. You can be a full time blogger and start earning a lot. But before you go too far, being a newbie, check out the following;

10 things you must know about blogging:

  1. Blogging is all about hard work and patience


A lot of newbie bloggers do not realize this. They usually think that post random stuffs and sharing it with few people is going to make them successful blogger. If it is the same case with you, then it’s time to change your attitude about blogging. Blogging needs hell lot of hard work and patience. You will slowly improve, but that will be great, eventually.

  1. Success is not always guaranteed

With all of the hard work you do, one thing a newbie blogger should always be aware of! Success might not always follow you the way you want. Yes, blogging might suck sometimes. But real bloggers just blog no matter success follows them or not.

  1. Search engines can screw you


If you have a blog, you will have to take help of search engines to make yourself notice. And that too needs a lot of hard work. The process is slow, but hard works pays off. However, you can be kicked out to very low level by these search engines. You should never completely rely on search engines for your traffic; you should have other alternatives as well (that’s where social media’s role comes into play).

  1. Always stick to Niche (Narrow your focus)

Usually, newbie bloggers think that posting articles on as many niches as they want is going to drive a lot of traffic and make their blog successful. But I am afraid, this is never the case. If you want to be a successful blogger, then you will have to narrow your focus as much as you can. Post on a single niche (the niche you are most passionate about) that way you will focus more, your content will be of high quality and everything will be in control.

  1. Join blog community to know other bloggers

Most of the newbie bloggers do not want to get in contact with other peer bloggers (thinking it might harm them in some ways, one of them could be content theft). But that’s never the case, a blogger should always be in contact with other bloggers because that’s what blogging is about; sharing the things you have experienced and helping each other. It is very important for newbie bloggers to realize the value getting networked.

  1. Post frequently but not too frequently

Posting frequently helps in many ways. One of them is that Search engine Crawlers will crawl your website frequently and other is you are more likely to have regular visitors to your blog. Also, it increases content in your website, which can reassuring that you are doing great, which gives you confidence.

  1. Don’t ever prioritize monetization


Most of the newbie bloggers start working to monetize their website the moment they register it. Now that’s a very bad thing to do. Your priority should be providing quality content and attracting successful number of visitors, not monetizing. Monetizing is something supplementary; you can afford compromises for it but not in the quality of content and your audience.

  1. Quality > Quantity

Most of the newbie bloggers should understand that writing long articles is not going to help. Now one might ask how many words’ article is long. Frankly saying, there is no particular answer to that. Just make sure you are doing justice with the topic; the article should be worth spending time. It should have a fixed purpose and that purpose should be fulfilled.

  1. Don’t forget social media

In the busy-ness of alot of things (like creating quality content), designing websites, monetization etc.  newbie bloggers often tend to forget the social media. They don’t bother social media (like facebook, twitter, G+, youtube) thinking ranking on google is all they need. But that isn’t true. People are more likely to click on the search results if they think the website is familiar and social media can do that; constantly reminding the fact that you do actually exist! Furthermore, search engines cannot be very reliable all the time.

  1. Write for the audience

Most of the newbie bloggers don’t realize one thing; they are writing for audience not for themselves. You don’t want to make your writers say “What the hell was that” after reading your article, do you?

Try viewing your article from the reader’s perspective rather than your own. Just make sure that the reader will at least gain something informative from your article.

Final Words:

If you are a newbie blogger, then you will have to realize that blogging requires a lot of hard work, patience and determination. It’s not easy to be a successful blogger. But hard work will pay definitely off! Just keep on going. More importantly, Enjoy blogging don’t always sweat to succeed.