Why Pakistanis Need a Second Passport?

Pakistani Passport

As a Pakistani citizen, I have been closely following the economic situation in my country and have become increasingly concerned about the future. With inflation soaring and the economy showing no signs of improvement, I have started to consider the benefits of obtaining a second passport. One of the primary reasons that I am interested … Read more

Coronavirus: Is Pakistan the Next Italy?

Coronavirus Pakistan

On the surface, Italy was one of the most well-prepared countries to tackle the virus spreading like wildfire through the world. It had an excellent healthcare system in place, was one of the first in Europe to suspend all flights from China, and had successfully isolated its first two CoronaVirus patients, both of them Chinese. 

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USAID Higher Education System Strengthening Activity in Islamabad

This week, the U.S. government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), organized a five-day workshop to strengthen research, innovation, and commercialization at public sector universities through USAID’s Higher Education System Strengthening Activity. The project, which will span five years (2021 – 2026), is collaborating with 16 Pakistani public sector universities and other … Read more

Flowers on First Date – A Good or a Bad Idea?

Flowers on First Date

Believe it or not- the anticipation, confusion, nervousness, and the excitement of your first date jitters are some of the very common responses to this stressful situation.

As you are trying to put your best foot forward to act as an ideal version of yourself, you obviously try hard to dress and impress your date while spritzing a bit of cologne and choosing something that could surely impress her!

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How to Send Flowers to Australia from Pakistan?

Send Flowers To Australia

Sending a gorgeous bouquet to your loved ones is a wonderful floral treat that they always treasure for years. Whether you want to send flowers as a gesture of love, or just want to congratulate someone on their success, you can always express your appreciation in the language of flowers to make them feel special.

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