Why Pakistanis Need a Second Passport?

Pakistani Passport

As a Pakistani citizen, I have been closely following the economic situation in my country and have become increasingly concerned about the future. With inflation soaring and the economy showing no signs of improvement, I have started to consider the benefits of obtaining a second passport. One of the primary reasons that I am interested … Read more

Coronavirus: Is Pakistan the Next Italy?

Coronavirus Pakistan

On the surface, Italy was one of the most well-prepared countries to tackle the virus spreading like wildfire through the world. It had an excellent healthcare system in place, was one of the first in Europe to suspend all flights from China, and had successfully isolated its first two CoronaVirus patients, both of them Chinese. 

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How I lost 3 Million into Bitcoin after ditching Real Estate

Bitcoin vs Real Estate

I belong to an upper-middle-class family, in Pakistan. I work in a software company and live in my parents’ house. Like anyone else, I have also dreamt of having my own home. In doing so, my father insisted me to buy a piece land and built a house later in life. I had saved my money for this purpose. At the beginning of 2017, I purchased some land for around PKR 1.5 Million. It was a newly launched housing scheme and the rates of the land were expected to increase within a year or two.

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