The Price of being Panther Tyres – Level Hei Aur Hai

King Bobsy will do it.

Bobsy The King is still there. He will do it.

When the King is playing on the Cricket field, he is no match for any opposition team (India or Australia or Afghanistan)…his real competition is with Panther Tyres.


The inspiration for this article was taken from Osman Samiuddin who had written this mind-blowing piece: “The Price of Being Babar Azam”.

This what he wrote:

“Scored a hundred yesterday? Why haven’t you scored one today?

Won a title last year? Been a year since you won one then.

Oh, you won? Great. Shame you didn’t do it in enough style.

Scored a great, coming-of-age hundred, on a hellish pitch, against a
hellish attack, to keep an improbable (and ultimately doomed) semi-final run
alive? Totally owned that moment, did you?

Sure. Four years ago. About time for another.”

I will redo the above.

Scored 157 runs in 5 matches…strike-rate of 79.69?

F**k me! You son of a b**ch.

Oh, you lost? Such a good boy you are.

Couldn’t be more humiliating.

Totally owned that moment? Didn’t you?

Well. It’s time you go home and start playing with Panther Tyres and write the sequel to ‘The Art of Captaincy’ to shame Mike Brearley.

The world stood still when the King introduced revolutionary tactics to the game.

Bowling Shadab Khan was surely one of the legendary moves.

And of course, defensive field placements were the order of the day.

Quoting from Osman’s article:

If all of this sounds unfair, then yes, it totally is. That is the price of being as good as Babar is, as great as he can be and of greatness generally. It’s relentless.

Let me correct it.

If all of this sounds unfair, then yes, it totally is. This is the price you pay for selecting this brainless guy as your captain. As dumb as he can be and of “level hei aur hai”. It’s relentless.