What is Your Birth Flower? Learn Each Type in Birth Month Flowers Chart

There are birthdays, zodiac signs, birthstones, and crystals for each month, but did you know there are birth flowers too that are associated with your birth month?

Yes, flowers have long been laden with different meanings and symbols that make them unique. When you give someone a bouquet of roses, tulips, or orchids, it makes them feel a bit special, loved, and important. Let’s imagine if you give someone a flower that is associated with their birth month? If your recipient is born in June, and you are sending them roses and honeysuckles based on their birth month, isn’t it amazing?

The gesture of sending the right flowers to your loved ones automatically makes it more heartwarming, and they will remember your gift for your years.

That’s the reason, today we have come up with a birth month flowers chart that helps you know which flower is associated with your birth month, so when you send flowers to your dear ones, it could be more like a surprise to them.

Find out Your Birth Flower in This Birth Month Flowers Chart:

Have a look below and find out your official birth month flower in this chart and learn the meaning behind it.

Birth Month Flowers Meanings
January Carnations, snowdrop Admiration, love, hope.
February Violets, primrose Faithfulness, humility
March Daffodils Hope, prosperity
April Daises Love, purity, innocence
May Lily of the valley Motherhood, sweetness
June Rose, honeysuckle Love, joys, romance
July Larkspur Dignity, positivity
August Gladiolus Integrity, remembrance
September Aster, morning glory Royalty, unrequited love
October Marigold Courage, passion, peace
November Chrysanthemums Honesty, joy, loyalty
December Narcissus, poinsettias Good wishes, respect.


Read about each flower type to know more symbols, meanings, and personality traits associated with your official birth flower.

January- Carnations:

Carnations are associated with January that is bright, colorful, and extremely beautiful. They bloom in gloomy winter months and are available in different vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, and white.

The flowers may look tender and delicate, but they grow in extreme conditions. These pretty flowers symbolize love, hope, admiration, rebirth, and innocence- which is why they are also the most favorite gift for Mother’s Day.

February- Violets and Primrose:

Violet and primrose are two flowers associated with the lovely month of February. Many people thought that roses are official flowers for Feb, thanks to Valentines’ Day.  But these beautiful purple shaded flowers are actually the official flowers for February.

These flowers are available in blue, cream, and yellow colors. Violet flowers are the symbol of purity, faithfulness, humility, and modesty.

Primrose is another pale flower associated with this month that is also edible in nature. You can even decorate the flower on someone’s cake who is born this month.

Feb born are extremely loyal and passionate yet a daydreamer.

March- Daffodils:

Daffodils is another beautiful flower that looks gorgeous when combined in a bouquet with carnations and roses. The flower blooms in Spring which is why it’s associated with March. This cheery bright flower always remembers your recipient that the sun is always shining on you and bright days are near.

People who are born in March with Daffodil’s characteristics are extremely kind and creative. Their life is just about calm, peace, and happiness.

April- Daisies:

In old English Days, people called Daisy “daes eage” or “day’s eye”. The reason is, they could close their petals at night and then open when sunlight falls upon them. After that, they reveal their bright yellow center.

Daisies often symbolize pleasure, rebirth, new beginnings, and true love-which makes the flower the most wonderful addition to any bouquet.

May- The Lily of the Valley:

Lily of the Valley is a birth flower for May. The flower is known for its beautiful bell-shaped white flower heads, which is why these flowers are also used in wedding bouquets.

Since the flower blooms in late spring, it is called May bells. This gorgeous flower represents motherhood, sweetness, and kindness. It’s the best gift for Mother’s Day.

If you are born in May, you are practical and can easily handle difficult situations.

June- Roses and Honeysuckles:

I think June has the most beautiful flowers than the others. Roses and honeysuckles. The flowers are available in a rainbow of colors and truly represent love, happiness, and humility.

On the other hand, honeysuckles attract butterflies. They usually grow on flowering vines.

If you are a June-born baby, you are truly romantic and can handle difficult situations.

July- Larkspur:

July’s official flower is Larkspur that belongs to the Buttercup family.

The flower is also available in plenty of amazing colors such as purple, indigo, and pink. This beautiful bloom symbolizes dignity, positivity, and purity.

You know if you are a July born, you are charming and have a fantastic sense of humor. You also make people around you feel welcomed.

August- Gladiolus:

Have you ever heard about a long and skinny-shaped flower Gladiolus? If not, then let us introduce you to this August’s official flower.

In Victorian times, the flower was known to pierce people’s hearts with its elegance and beauty. They are available in stunning colors like orange, pink, purple, and red.

Gladiolus symbolizes infatuation, remembrance, and integrity.

September- Aster and Morning Glory:

Another beautiful flower on the list is Aster that is the birth flower of September.

The flower has a unique star-like shape just like its name Aster that resembles a star in Greek mythology. You can find this pretty flower in different amazing colors such as mauve, lilac, red, and white.

Asters symbolize love, affection, mortality, royalty, and wisdom.

Are you stuck in an unrequited love relationship? Well, just kidding. Though seriously, morning glory flowers represent an unrequited love story.

September-born people with Aster are a bit emotional and sensitive but also great perfectionists.

October- Marigold:

Marigold is one of my favorite flowers that is official for October as well. This flower symbolizes courage, peace, and passion. Another important property of this flower is it is used medicinally to heal skin inflammation and different acne problems.

November- Chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums are the birth flower for November born babies. The flower is usually referred to as “mum” and it was cultivated in China in the 15th Century.

In general, the flower symbolizes love, honesty, joy, longevity, and loyalty.

If you know someone born in November, I bet they must be compassionate, kind, and loyal as their flower describes.

December- Narcissus:

The Narcissus flower is associated with December and is also the luckiest flower of all. The flower has a great trumpet-like center which makes it unique. It symbolizes defense, faithfulness, hope, perfection, and respect.

The flower is special because it has characteristics like being helpful and positive. People born in December with this flower have a personality that always conveys good wishes and respect to everyone. They are kind and compassionate with everyone they know.

Final Thoughts:

While every flower has special characteristics that make them unique for every personality and month, but when it comes to sending someone birth flowers that exactly corresponds to their birth month is just a special feeling for both sender and receiver.

Though if you are feeling a bit more curious and want to know more about these birth flowers, just walk through this more comprehensive birth month flowers chart guide presented by Flower Delivery Hamilton where you can discover some interesting facts about your personality and associated flower.