Flowers on First Date – A Good or a Bad Idea?

Believe it or not- the anticipation, confusion, nervousness, and the excitement of your first date jitters are some of the very common responses to this stressful situation.

As you are trying to put your best foot forward to act as an ideal version of yourself, you obviously try hard to dress and impress your date while spritzing a bit of cologne and choosing something that could surely impress her!

But when it comes to choosing something impressive, you need to be extra careful so you could convey the right message and give her a positive impression.

And by all means, yes! giving flowers is a good idea.

It is considered the most sought after, romantic and thoughtful gesture that helps you convey some kind words most righteously.

While you shouldn’t intimidate her by giving a bunch of 50 roses, so it’s important to follow the etiquettes to convey the right message in the right way.

First date flowers – Tradition that should be altered and not banished!

Let’s face it- many people still debate that giving flowers on your first date is a bad choice as the sentiment has already gone away with the wind.

In fact, it seems a little pushy or an obtrusive kind of gift for most women.

But the fact is, things are changed today.

In today’s modern era where most of the conversations happen online and people share their feelings openly, should also feel ready for a romantic encounter. That’s the reason, the act of giving flowers on your first date looks extremely gratifying as the woman feels more valued, special, and loved.

So, I believe the tradition should be altered now, rather than banishing completely just because it looks flattering.

When things go incredibly well, why not send her a bunch of flowers the next day?

When your first date goes incredibly amazing and memorable, the conversation flowed dramatically, and there were big laughter and memories while enjoying hot steaming cups of coffee and you already know that you are holding onto the right person, then why not send her a dazzling bunch of flowers next day as an appreciative gesture?

Sending flowers the next day is a gesture to thank her for the beautiful company and a fun-filled evening. On the other side, you are simply unleashing your positive side on her whereas she would also be thinking about you all day and may feel keen to plan a crucial second date soon! Isn’t it fascinating?

So, what flowers are cool for your first date?

It involves a little bit of guesswork before choosing the right flowers for her. Depending on her personality, likes, and preferences, here are some flower choices to consider for making her feel special:

  • Roses

When you give her roses, it symbolizes you are serious about finding a true love relation in your life and do not afraid to show your affection.

Roses also convey deep thoughts, admiration, and fascination and definitely a perfect choice to profess love.

If you believe giving her a bunch of roses on the first meeting may look awkward, you can also present her with a single red rose that conveys the meaning of love, acceptance, and devotion.

  • White lilies:

If you are meeting a woman who is slightly reserved, shy, but an elegant personality, then sending white lilies is a beautiful choice. It’s just a sweet way to admire her qualities and give respect.

The petals of white lilies are quite delicate, tender, and soft that is also denoted with pure elegance and modesty.

Especially if you really like her and want to make a sweet proclamation of love, then white lilies would be a fantastic choice.

  • Pink orchids:

If you are dating a modern, enthusiastic and motivated woman, treat her with beautiful pink orchids that denote love, femineity, happiness, and elegance.

Giving pink orchids also symbolizes strength, luxury, and beauty that you really want to see in her and admire her because of these qualities. It’s a great choice for making a first positive impression as you are giving her something adorable to remember forever.

  • Daisies:

A delightful bouquet of daisies is a wonderful gift to cherish her heart and give her a sweet token of love. Daisies are also a sweet flower choice when you want to give her the impression that things should be slow, and you should enjoy each other’s company before making things serious.

It’s also a great way to make her feel that she is as fresh as daisies, and you really adore her for everything.

  • Mixed seasonal flowers:

When you are confused about which flowers to choose for your special one, an assortment of fresh seasonal flowers would be a great idea. There would be no harm in choosing all the flowers in a bouquet. Mixing up a bunch of red roses, pink tulips, gerberas, orchids, and sunflowers would symbolize a pure message of love, affection, and devotion.

Giving her a bunch of mixed flowers symbolizes strength and desire to understand deeply. So, whether you want to give her a romantic message, a playful one or just showing a gesture of adoration, a mixed assortment would be a perfect option.

Including carnations, lilies and chrysanthemums also make your bouquet extra sweet and luxurious.

Which flowers are on your ‘first date’ list? And where should you get them?

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