Aasia Bibi can finally leave Pakistan and Mullahs are losing their shit

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has upheld the acquittal of a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, clearing the last legal hurdle and freeing Aasia Bibi to leave the country to join her daughters, who have already fled to Canada and been given asylum.

The petitioner was not able to point out any mistake in the SC verdict acquitting Aasia Bibi, said the CJP, ending Aasia Bibi’s final legal hurdle.

After her release from Multan’s women prison on November 7 last year, Aasia Bibi was flown to Islamabad onboard a special aircraft. She was then taken to an undisclosed place amid tight security. Authorities have remained tight-lipped about her movement and whereabouts for security reasons.

Petitioner Qari Muhammad Salaam’s lawyer Ghulam Ikram presented his arguments before a three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and comprising Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Justice Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel.

Meanwhile, on social media, fanatics, and mullahs are losing their shit.

Here are the examples.


And here is our answer.


The new Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa was appreciated by many people on Twitter. And rightly so!

Moreover, we must not forget Aasia’s lawyer Saiful Malook, who returned to Islamabad after fleeing the country amid death threats. The brave lawyer called the decision a victory for Pakistan’s constitution and rule of law.

Lastly, Salman Taseer will be remembered as a brave man who fought for justice sacrificing his own life.