An upcoming Pakistani movie Malik based on Malik Riaz

Having played a multitude of varying roles on the silver screen and eventually foraying into movies, Humayun Saeed is known for his versatile acting and considered by the female population as a heart-throb. Even though I personally never found his acting to be of much dynamicity, the trailer for his upcoming flick “Malik” blew me away.

Based on the life of the highly prolific real-estate business tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain, the trailer for Malik starts off showing him in his early days of life, where his daughter is shown coughing inconsistently. Unable to see his daughter in such pain, he progresses towards taking her to a doctor when his wife remarks if he has any money to pay for her treatment. “I’ll manage, somehow…”, he half-heartedly responds as he recalls his days of despair. His daughter died in her early childhood due to her illness which was arguably the biggest turning point in Malik Riaz’s life.

The scene morphs into the present day where Malik Riaz is shown watching the television as the media remark on the legality of his business, whereby he orders his associate to disseminate an 18 hour per day working policy among his employees. Humayun Saeed successfully captures the essence of Malik Riaz’s personality as he reacts to the media’s allegations, giving them a blatant response, accepting their allegations of having bribed the court, albeit by his own hard earned money. The trailer ends with a very strong statement, “If buying is an online viagra sin, then selling yourself is an even bigger sin”. Humayun Saeed truly immerses his senses as he delivers this speech, his disregard for the system’s inconsistencies apparent in his very face.

Malik Riaz, the CEO of Bahria Town, the biggest real estate project in Pakistan, is currently counted among the richest in the country. Bahria Town itself is classified as the most luxurious and classy society to live in Pakistan. The movie Malik would have indications to the career Malik Riaz built for himself and for the various projects he has started. As we all wait for the movie to come out, I hope you enjoyed the review. Hoping to meet you back again for the movie’s full-fledged review soon.