Consul general of Pakistan in Sydney bullies innocent Pakistani and refuses to give him his passport

This video is making rounds on various Facebook pages. Here innocent Pakistani is protesting against Consulate general of Pakistan in Sydney. According to him Consul general Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili and Vice Consul Bushra Salam is bulling him and they have forcefully taken his Passport.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili
Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili
Vice Consul of Pakistan Consulate Sydney Bushra Salam
Vice Consul of Pakistan Consulate Sydney Bushra Salam

Below is his Facebook post, and the video of his protest:

I am a law abiding citizen of Pakistan living in Australia on dual citizenship .I have my business in Australia which my family is doing over 50 years now. I went to get a visa for Pakistan because my Pakistani passport expired and joined a long Queue which went past the outside door and waited my turn but the guy asked me to get a photocopy of my Pakistan ID as I approached the counter and also asked many questions in sarcastic behavior and I said him to make a photo copy on his photocopy machine which they have there but he told me to go out to get a copy which I got after paying 1$ fee for one copy to the next door who are attached to the consulate building and came back then again and I was the last one in the long queue again. They work for a short time in the Sydney consulate office and the end time was approaching but the guy behind the counter started talking on his mobile mobile which I objected and he used foul language to that I responded and got angry but just asked if he abused me or not but other people held me back and then Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili who is Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney called me in his office and asked the lady Bushra Salam who is Vice Consul to give me visa after hearing my story and agreeing that his staff did the wrong thing but Bushra said she will leave the office if Uqaili gives me visa because I don’t have “tameez”and went out with slamming the door. Mr. Uqaili got angry with me after she left. I told Mr. Uqaili that I am not applying for visa after this situation but he got my passport and application from me by force and threat me also saying that he will make me an example and he will return my passport after 12 days with a refusal stamp on it “which he did “And also said that embassy does not come under Australian laws so he can “harm “me and will not be accountable because of diplomatic immunity and kept my passport from me by force .they called the police when I went the next day to get my passport back .i also made a Video for my safety because he did threat me one day earlier .The police did interview me but agreed that Mr. Uqaili cannot hold my passport against my Will and the police told Mr. Uqaili to return my passport to me which he did with a refusal stamp to punish me and made my passport look bad despite the fact that I am a Pakistani citizen with valid Current ID card with me and also I didn’t even apply for visa.