Man sues wife after seeing her without makeup after wedding

A man in Algeria is apparently suing his wife for the deep distress she caused when he saw her without makeup for the first time after the wedding.

The man is claiming that this caused him psychological distress because he failed to recognize her, even mistaking her for a robber who had broken in.

When he noticed that it was, in fact, the pretty lady he had married just the day before, he got so offended that he decided to take her to court, according to a local media in the North African country Emirates 24/7.

The man is now suing the woman he had married for $20,000 (KSh 2 million) for the distress she caused him.

He reportedly told an Algiers court that up until their wedding day, the woman always looked very beautiful and attractive.

The vexed man said that his wife deceived him as “she used to fill up her face with makeup”.