Upcoming new film of Sahir Lodhi, “Raasta”

Here’s what you need to know about Sahir Lodhi ….

“Raasta” is an upcoming 2016 Pakistani action-drama film directed by Sahir Lodhi and Shahid Naqvi. Since Sahir  was desperate to get casted in a movie but was never successful, therefore he decided to make his very own film in which not only he is the director of the film but also one of the main characters in the film. We all know what you did there Mr. Sahir LODHI.

The trailer starts off with a pathetic attempt to look like Shahrukh Khan and goes on like that until it’s end and you also get to see a poorly graphically designed explosion in the very end of the trailer. Now I won’t disclose what was in between, go see it for yourself. There is no doubt that Sahir is a wanna-be Shahrukh Khan, he truly has no identity of himself; what a pity.

I hope the Pakistani film industry takes note of this horrendous attempt of Sahir Lodhi and ridicule him as much as possible so that in future our local audiences do not have to face such a disappointment.

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