Shoaib Malik Going Back Home Via Uber

Uber has decided to send Shoaib Malik back home. Pakistani fans requested Uber to send the experienced Shoaib Malik back to Pakistan after his back-to-back heroic performance.

In the game against Australia, Shoaib Malik got out scoring a duck. Zero from two deliveries. In the game against India, Malik followed it up with another duck. Only this time around, it was a golden duck.

So you can say it’s a great progress. The veteran wasted one less ball. Achievement Unlocked!

Moreover, according to stats, Shoaib Malik averages 99.99 in England.

Some would say, Malik should play the 2023 World Cup as well.


Yes, that’s what he has. The experience of doing magical things in the field. The experience of being experienced.

After all he is The Shoaib ‘Experience’ Malik.

Only if we had eleven Shoaib Maliks, we could have been the no.1 ODI team in the world right now.

(Disclaimer: This piece was a Satire.)