Wahab Vs Watson: “Cricket at its Absolute Best”

Though Wahab’s fiery spell against Watson stunned the world, surprisingly it also won widespread praise throughout the cricketing world. From Kevin Pietersen to Brian Lara all joined in the praise of the brilliant Wahab, with the former Aussie captain Ricky Pointing  even going as far as to describe it as an “extraordinary spell” and the contest between Wahab and Watson “cricket at its absolute best”.

Wahab Riaz is the latest pacer to come from the land that produced the likes of legendary bowlers Fazal Mahmood, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younus. Though at first dismissed as a mediocre bowler, whenever the need arose Wahab stood up for Pakistan; be it in the 2011 world cup semifinal or in the quarter final this time, his spell always struck fear in the hearts of his opponents.

And it’s a relief to see Pakistani bowling gaining back the momentum it had lost since the shameful spot fixing scandal of 2010 for with Mohammed Aamer joining back later this year, the good old days of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis might not be far off.

After three days on Tuesday finally both Wahab and Waeson called a truce when Wahab tweeted, “It was a good battle on the field. U played well. @ShaneRWatson33. Wishing u best of luck for the semi’s. #Respect,” tweeted Wahab, who was fined 50 percent of his match fee for his exchanges with Watson.

“Special spell from @WahabViki the other night. Very lucky to have come out unscathed #Nohardfeelings #Respect,” tweeted Watson, finally ending the tussle which billions enjoyed throughout the world.

Nevertheless what saddens a cricketing fan in Pakistan is that though Pakistani bowlers always bowl their hearts out but they still remain unable to make up for their team’s poor batting and fielding which even after years’ of poor performance remains at its worst ever point. And in cricket it’s hard to be the best without strong performance in all three departments: Batting, Bowling and Fielding.