End Of Another Kashmir Day!

As another Kashmir day draws to an end; another year of Kashmiri miseries passes away unnoticed.

It seems that the people of Kashmir are bound to remain in perpetual agony, unnoticed by the global community.

Though we celebrate Kashmir day every year, the question we must ask ourselves is do we really feel the miseries of those poor people suffering under Indian occupation for the last almost seven decades?

We don’t! We take Kashmir day as an opportunity for escape from work; we take Kashmir day as an opportunity for leisure.

The only thing we don’t do is to feel the pain that the people of Kashmir have been going through in the last six decades. Perhaps the only thing we don’t do is the one we are supposed to do the most.

Today India is fast leaving Pakistan behind in almost all major areas of progress. The world needs access to the billion strong market in India.

Pakistan on the other hand is perceived to be an absolute mess, fast losing its relevance despite being an important strategic country.

It is for this very reason that UN recently ignored Pakistan’s whining on cross border firing from India

In order to be taken seriously by the world Pakistan needs to develop a strong economic base.

For this to happen Pakistan first needs to immediately rid itself of the menace of terrorism and use all its resources including natural, human and its important strategic location to develop itself not only economically but also increase its export base.

When Pakistan does this only than the world might take our stance on Kashmir seriously again, and we may gain some respect among the global community of nations.

We must remember a country’s strength today depends not upon the number of nuclear war heads it has but upon the power of its economy and presently Pakistan lacks in this area.

Until then, sorry people but taking a day off will not solve the Kashmir issue though it could give a few lazy slackers an opportunity for escape.

If we really want to solve the Kashmir issue than let’s take a pledge this day that we will do all we can to strengthen Pakistan both economically and technologically for only then might the world listen to our plea for Kashmir!

For the sake of Kashmir let’s do it folks!