Follow The Right Path!

We as a nation have a tendency to not accept our mistakes. Just take a look at terrorism as an example. Though we blame India, yahoodi lobbies and all that but is that not a fact that our society does possess such elements.

As individuals whenever something doesn’t go our way, we begin to make excuses and point towards others be it the jadoo wali Auntie or even the nazar laganay wala uncle; somebody else surely is to be blamed.

The reality, however, is that the fault normally lies within ourselves, not in our stars. It’s just so much easier to place the blame elsewhere.

Wouldn’t it be easier to make amends if only we start accepting our faults and try making amends? Blaming CIA for terrorism could soothe our conscious but wouldn’t it be better to also take action against those mullahs who preach intolerance in mosques or madrasahs.

Blaming our parents for our problems is easier but wouldn’t it be better if we start accepting our own weaknesses and try overcoming them.

Shouldn’t, now that we are aware of our problems, make efforts to fix them? And if we aren’t doing anything besides whining, then the real question is why not?

Acceptance is the first step towards recovery with which 50 per cent of the problem is solved. But then without further action, there is really no point to acceptance.

A basic plan of action that we should always take is to keep calm and work on because believe it or not through popular utilization of our mind any problem can be overcome.

When I started studying for chartered accountancy, I faced many difficulties and many a times I considered quitting but it was than that my father reminded me to keep calm and carry on.

He forced me to face my challenges and fears and it was only due to that, that I learned to fight on.

Whether at a personal level or at a national level, we need to stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own happiness, our successes and most importantly, for our failures. We all make mistakes, but blaming others only allows us to accept whatever is wrong with our lives by assuming that it is out of our control. Taking responsibility is difficult because it forces us to confront our limitations. But taking responsibility is the only way to make our lives better. As Barack Obama once said, “We are the change we have been waiting for.