IVS Students revitalizing Karachi

Pakistan being a third world country faces numerous issues whether it’s concerned with any epidemic or a catastrophic event.

Karachi, a metropolitan located in Pakistan, the 7th largest city in the world, once used to be known as the City of Lights, earning more than 70% revenue for Pakistan, is now cursed with the negligence of its citizens. The roads and streets portray a scene of war fought with garbage. This garbage on the roads becomes one of the major causes of serious illness and a seed to epidemic disease. Sometimes you even have to change your path or turn your car because of filth lying on the road blocking the way.

Different organizations and health awareness programs are involved in making an effort to deal with the misery, enlightening and educating people but as a responsible citizen, it’s a duty of every individual to keep their surroundings clean.

There was a similar street, Street 33, until last week portraying such a picture in Block 2 of Clifton, a posh area of Karachi.  Students of Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture along with other volunteers took up the initiative and a challenge to exhilarate the face of Street 33 (where IVS is also situated)

This assignment as a part of City orientation for the foundation year class, turned into an activity of cleaning and beautifying the street, an act also inspired by the “The Ugly Indian” drive from across the border.

On Saturday, 8th November 2014, a weekend when the people are usually enjoying a cozy sleep in their beds or are out for a traditional “Halwa Puri” breakfast satisfying their appetite, the foundation class of more than hundred students wearing gloves holding brooms, garbage bags and paints started to clean a wall leading to the campus on street 33 which they pass daily while going to the school. Starting from 7am it took about 7 hours to clean the wall and filling the garbage bags which were later taken away by municipal authorities.

The people who passed by also stopped to thank and join them for the good cause.

The participants picked up the garbage, whitewashed the walls and then painted skyline of Karachi on them, inviting others to contribute for a healthier and cleaner environment

This is just a start. People should learn from it.

Here is Before and After Picture !