Hezbollah has finally been exposed…

The so-called “Army of God” is nothing but a proxy for the sectarian Iranian Shia Ayatollahs who are using it in Syria to guard the regime of their puppet Bashar al Assad. Hassan Nasrallah doesn’t seem to realize that Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria has awoken a sleeping lion and the lion will come for his head after it gets rid of Assad….

For far too long, the Sunni’s of the world were made utter fools by Hezbollah’s deceptive propaganda against the Israeli’s. They didn’t realize what the Ahle Sunnah in Lebanon was going through. Hezbollah’s thugs ethnically cleansed the Sunni population in all of Southern Lebanon but in front of the world’s Muslim population, they disguised themselves as the sole resistance against Zionist Israel. All this seems to have changed with Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War starting from mid 2013.

The popular Sunni uprising against the minority Alawite (Shi’ite sect) government of Bashar al Assad and the ensuing civil war was labeled as a “Wahhabi Zionist” conspiracy by Nasrallah and his masters ordered Hezbollah to intervene in the sectarian civil war on the side of the Alawite government. It should be noted that Syria is over 80 % Sunni Arab but the Iranians wanted to keep the Alawites in power, hence they got Hezbollah involved.

Initially, Hezbollah scored an impressive victory at Al-Qusayr which was seen by many as a turning point in the long war, but since Al-Qusayr, Nasrallah and the Lebanese Shia’s are greeted every day by mutilated corpses of Hezbollah fighters. The Islamist Sunni rebels have slowly driven them out from the strategic Golan Heights and the once invincible Hezbollah are facing attacks both back at home and in Syria. The group’s leadership has come under increasing pressure by the families of the fighters who accuse Nasrallah of sending their sons to their deaths.

Latest surveys show that Hezbollah is the most hated entity amongst the Arabs, even more so than Israel. Hassan Nasrallah finally came out from his bunker under the Iranian embassy in Beirut where he hides like a rat and delivered a speech vowing victory over the Jihads in Syria. The war of attrition that Hezbollah is facing in Syria can only end in disaster for them since the Sunni’s easily outnumber them. The inevitable fall of Assad means that Hezbollah’s supply lines will be cut, making them sitting ducks for the Sunni Islamists in Syria and Lebanon who would take revenge by cutting them into pieces and making mincemeat out of them.