JazzCash and Yayvo bring online shopping gala

JazzCash has partnered with Yayvo.com for one of the biggest online shopping events of Pakistan called White Friday 2018. This strategic partnership makes JazzCash the official payment partner and title sponsor for White Friday 2018, allowing users up to 80% discounts on over 1000 products. 

In addition to all the Yayvo discounts, White Friday 2018 brings to online JazzCash mobile wallet shoppers further discounts and the convenience of buying anything at the click of a button.

“By partnering with Yayvo.com for one of the biggest sales of the year, we are committed to offering great value to customers. Through this collaboration, our users will be able to avail premium discounts and get access to exclusive deals through JazzCash,” said Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer at Jazz. “Such strategic synergies are one of the reasons JazzCash has been able to grow at an exponential rate with over 4.5 million active mobile accounts.”

JazzCash always looks forward to working with the industry leaders, start-ups and other players in the market to create synergies that allow customers to enjoy a unique experience on Pakistan’s fastest growing mobile financial service. The ambition is to be able to transform the lives of all the existing and prospective customers by providing convenience, security, and ease of use while purchasing from online vendors.

“By partnering with JazzCash for White Friday, we are looking to provide customers greater convenience and security in payments, while playing our part in digitizing Pakistan’s economy,” said Head of Yayvo.com Adam Dawood.

The shopping event will begin with a Flash Friday sale on November 2, 2018, where JazzCash mobile app users will have exclusive early access to special deals, followed by a week-long sale on Fashion & Groceries and the website-wide sale from November 9, 2018, onwards.

To make the most out of White Friday 2018, people can register their JazzCash mobile account and download the JazzCash Mobile App from the following link: http://onelink.to/mtund3