No date for Valentine’s Day? PoondiApp may help

A Pakistani start-up is spreading some love on this Valentine’s Day with the relaunch of its app called PoondiApp.

Today you may have heard the news that Islamabad High Court has banned the Valentine’s Day celebration all across the country since it is not part of Muslim tradition.

In Pakistan, the dating is considered unethical and wrong. This makes finding a date more difficult. However this culture has changed a lot in recent years but still, it is difficult as compared to other countries. As there are no discos and bars where you can mingle. So every typical Pakistani is left with few choices like college, university, parks and dating apps.

In order to solve this great problem, PoondiApp is making a comeback to help you get hooked on this Valentine’s day.

PoondiApp is Pakistan’s First Dating App. According to its official Facebook page, PoondiApp lets you meet new and interesting people around you. However, it was launched last year as a social app but due to its controversial name, they changed it to dedicated dating application.

This year PoondiApp is in fully swing.  The focus of PoondiApp is to target Pakistani audience seeking singles in their nearby areas. Moreover, the app is trying hard to get the Tinder audience which is yet a far-fetched dream.

So the question is would you use a PoondiApp? Not just for Valentine’s day but in general? We will leave that to you.

Looking at their facebook page, PoondiApp is also taking complaints if you haven’t able to met someone. They are ready to assist you personally.

PoondiApp is only available on Google Play Store or Visit their official website for details.