Russia threatens to reveal the truth on 9/11

In the previous decade whenever anyone questioned the US government’s official version of the 9/11 events; not only was he scoffed at as a conspiracy theorist but also had to face persecution and stand a high chance of being jailed.

Not anymore for this time none other than the Russian government itself reportedly has threatened to bring to limelight the real events to the public if US does not mend its ways which include according to some reports plotting to eliminate Putin and bringing to power a more compliant Russian leader.

If truth be told the US government’s official version of the 9/11 events have always sounded so absurd that even the Americans themselves have had a hard time believing them.

Nevertheless if before it had been a crime questioning whether a man hiding in a cave in Afghanistan had been capable of perpetrating such a crime and why the US government, responsible for protecting the lives of the American public had peacefully been asleep, than this time a foreign government has decided to pull the lid from the secret.

Russian government angered by American interference in the Crimean conflict is rumored to be about to unleash evidence and satellite imagery that reveals the U.S.government’s role in carrying out the 9/11 attacks if sanctions are not taken off Russia.

Previously too many Americans themselves including journalists Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones had come out questioning the official versions of the events while many architects and engineers had openly stated to have proofs that the World trade center was brought down through a controlled demolition.

In October 2004, the organization 9/11 Truth movement released a statement, signed by nearly 200 people, including many relatives of people who perished during attacks, that called for an investigation into the attacks. It also asserted that unanswered questions would suggest that people within the administration of President George W. Bush may have deliberately allowed the attacks to happen.

Even as early as September 2002, the first “Bush Did It!” rallies and marches were being held in cities throughout US but somehow this movement never attracted many supporters.

However now if the Russian government comes out with evidence than it might just be game over for the Neocons and Jewish lobby which have long dominated the US government for the murder of its own citizens is a crime that the US public might never forgive.

In the worst case scenario complete loss of trust in government and anarchy might follow.

Whether the US government is guilty of 9/11 or not, it is no secret that in 2003 it lied to the world when it invaded Iraq on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction and has been notoriously involved in what they term elimination or murder of many world leaders including Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan who according to the US government documents was murdered after he refused to dance on US tunes.

United States of America has long lost any shred of moral conscience and is today viewed by many as a degenerate culture spreading anarchy throughout the world. From East Asia to Middle East, from Africa to Columbia, US has hardly spared from her wrath any nation which refused to follow her dictates.

If the Russian government decided to go ahead and release the evidence than though the world will know the truth but what is important is that smaller countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam and Ukraine form what can be termed as an alliance of the smaller nations to deter the aggression of giants such as China and US for we can never be safe in a world which has lost all semblance of moral conscience and open to worst depravity for the tiniest of gain.

9/11 is an example of how excuses can be cooked for the sake of aggression!

From where we got this information; it was first published in a Russian newspaper and here is the link to the website where it has been translated in English.

Source: Veterans Today