The Key to HUAWEI P30 lite’s Success: Quality

Smartphones have now become an irreplaceable digital product for people in modern society. Quality is not only an important consideration for consumers when selecting a phone, but also what many handset manufacturers strive to provide.

Without good quality, there is no way for a company to build a brand, to develop, let alone to compete in the market.

When we are talking about smartphone quality, we are often referring to a comprehensive quality assessment which includes the camera, battery life, gaming, telecommunication, and other aspects.

Although 5G is not really widely applied yet, players in the smartphone market have already expanded the competition beyond hardware, because, beneath the hardware, it is the overall product experience that consumers are taking into consideration.

Among all the quality smartphones out there in the market, you can’t miss the HUAWEI P30 Series. HUAWEI P Series is a flagship series targeting young consumers who like fashion.

In terms of quality, it is among the more premium devices in Huawei’s product portfolio. For instance, the HUAWEI P20 Series, one of the most popular products last year, remains a leader in the smartphone industry, both in terms of camera features and system performance.

In addition, it is regarded as one of the top devices in terms of telecommunication features, product usability, and user sentiment.

This year Huawei launched the HUAWEI P30 lite, a position just below the flagship tier. This addition to the HUAWEI P30 Series is designed for young professionals who pursue a premium lifestyle. But in terms of quality, can HUAWEI P30 lite live up to the name of the HUAWEI P series?

HUAWEI P series

From HUAWEI P30 lite’s positioning, we can tell that its specifications are not meant to be the most high-end. But speaking of Huawei’s advantages in the camera, HUAWEI P30 lite packs a real surprise with its Triple Camera setup.

Its rear camera consists of a 24MP primary lens, an f/1.8, wide aperture sensor with a pixel size of 0.9μm and an 8MP ultra wide angle sensor that covers 120 degrees and enables HUAWEI P30 lite to capture breathtaking ultra wide angle photographs.

Even for grand architectures, with HUAWEI P30 lite, users can capture the whole view with ease.

Sporting a Dewdrop Display, HUAWEI P30 lite has a very high screen-to-body ratio of 84.1 percent; meanwhile, it houses a 32MP front-facing camera for the ultimate selfie. HUAWEI P30 lite is available in Midnight Black, Pearl White, and Peacock Blue.

It uses the same gradient color design as HUAWEI P30 Series, which is in line with young consumers’ aesthetic sense and is relatable to them.

For young users, mobile gaming has become an important part of their life. Therefore, apart from a powerful camera and stunning design, good gaming performance is another important function youngster’s look for in a smartphone.

HUAWEI P30 lite is equipped with a new version of Huawei’s proprietary graphics processing technology (GPU Turbo). Test results show that the device is decent at running mainstream mobile games such as PUBG.

The high performance it enables lets users fully immerse themselves in graphically intensive games.

In terms of performance specifications, HUAWEI P30 lite is not as competitive as HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro, but for daily tasks, it can handle with flying colors. With a brilliant triple-camera setup and amazing photography features, HUAWEI P30 lite outperforms its competitors from the same price range.

Furthermore, it’s optimized EMUI and various AI supports will ensure consumers with more efficient user experience. Even though it’s not a flagship product, it delivers beyond flagship-level performance!

If you are looking to live a stylish and premium lifestyle, or are not willing to settle for mediocrity, HUAWEI P30 lite will be the ideal choice in the same price range. Most importantly, you will not be disappointed by the experience and functionality it delivers.