This daring startup is on a mission to revolutionize Pakistan’s massage industry

The startup culture is booming in Pakistan and almost every other day we see a new startup popping up. Recently a new daring startup Zest has launched its services in Islamabad to provide door step massage. In Pakistan, it is something very unique however on-demand massage service is very common in western countries. A well-known app called Soothe by Uber is one of the biggest names in on-demand massage.

Pakistan is a country where massage is considered something exotic and gay. There are hardly 1 or 2 legit massage centers.  In Pakistan, masseurs are wandering on busy streets at nights to find work and mostly are very low paid. Moreover, they are even exploited for male prostitution. Such a pity! This is now all about to change. Zest is stepping in and they promise to revolutionize Pakistan’s massage industry. Zest is making this massage business organized. They are helping poor masseurs by hiring them and equipping them with proper training and tools.

Zest Massage Price List
Zest Massage Price List

Talking to Zest CEO, he said “our mission is to improve the image of Pakistani traditional massage which is currently being operated by street side masseurs working independently. Hopefully, by this initiative, we can establish a good impression of Pakistani massage. For instance, Thai massage is very famous for all the wrong reasons whereas our traditional massage is considered vague but has a lot of potentials. It has benefits like relaxation and healing. Soon we will see tourists coming to Pakistan to get traditional Pakistani massage.”

According to our research, Pakistani traditional massage is derived from the ancient Ayurvedic system of healing, which teaches self-care and prevention of illness and is now becoming more and more popular in the Western world. Pakistani/ Indian head massage has been practiced in Subcontinent for over a thousand years. This means Pakistani traditional massage has lots of benefits, unlike Thai massage which only offers happy endings. Currently, zest only has male therapists on board due to safety reasons. However, it is a unique and important initiative to revitalize the dying industry of massage in Pakistan. We Pakistani’s should also be proud of our heritage just like Thai’s are of their heritage.

You can book an appointment at 0331 5655884 or visit Zest Facebook page