Top 10 Intelligence agencies

Intelligence agencies have become an integral part of a country’s security apparatus in recent years. The core purpose of spy agencies in 21st century is no longer the sabotage missions they might have committed during the previous era but the collection of secret information to keep the country informed of any internal and external happenings which harm the stability of state either economically or politically. Luckily for Pakistan despite being a third world country and having limited budgets, we today have the best intelligence agency in the world, ISI, and undoubtedly it’s due to ISI that the likes of ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda have almost become extinct in our part of the world today! These are the top 10 intelligence agencies in the world today and yes our great ISI tops the list.

  1. ISI: ISI is the premium intelligence agency of Pakistan which has throughout the country’s short existence played a major role in maintaining the country’s defense. It shields the national assets and political and social interests of the country and keeps a vigilant eye on all the borders of Pakistan safeguarding it from external enemies. ISI’s efficient role in war against terrorism, Afghan war and Kargil war makes it stand on the top of the list. No doubt the strategic brains of ISI are unbeatable for it not only played a major role in ensuring that Pakistan became a nuclear power in the twentieth century but in the last ten years it might just have been ISI that saved the country from the monstrous terrorists that teamed up in the northwestern part of the country in the wake of 9/11 attacks.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-ISI-PAKISTAN
  2. CIA: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was once on number one in the world. It lost the rank and credibility after the mysterious incident of 9/11. Nonetheless, CIA is serving USA as one of the best organizations of the country. It gathers information from in and outside of the country and then analyzes them which are transferred to law making agencies. In this way such rules and laws are formulated which are in the best of the national interests. CIA is also credited for breaking USSR in the cold war. Its headquarters are in Langley, Virginia near Washington DC and it was established in the year of 1947.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-CIA-UNITED-STATES
  3. Mossad: MOSSAD came into existence in 1949 and is actively working since then. Like other intelligence agencies, it is not a military organization rather a non-military one. But the people enrolled are given military training to meet the defense challenges. The undercover operations of MOSSAD throughout the las sixty years have been mind blowing and it might just MOSSAD plays an important role in the wars Israel faces with other nations. Major dealings of MOSSAD are with the Arab countries. This organization also takes care about the Jews and their migration from Syria and other countries. The headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-MOSSAD-ISRAEL
  4. MI6: MI6 formally known as the Secret Intelligence Service was created just before the World War I for the information on the activities of the Imperial German government. The Agency headquarter called SIS Building, has been situated in Vauxhall Cross, London. MI6 has been closely involved in various conflicts in 20th and 21st centuries but not officially acknowledged till 1994. The secret front line” of Britain`s national security has responsibilities to keep close eye on internal and external terror activities, organizations and countries which could harm national defense and state security.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-MI6-UK
  5. MSS: The Ministry of State Security (MSS) is the intelligence agency of the People’s Republic of China, the headquarters located in Beijing The agency has been responsible for counter-intelligence, political security and far-off intelligence. MSS is working parallel to the public security bureaus but has non-state security matters often collaborate both for the large extent. The Agency was established in 1937 by the Communist party of China and back than was used for collecting antithetical information for civil war in China.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-MSS-CHINA
  6. FSB: The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is the principal security agency of the Russian Federation and the main successor agency to the USSR’s Committee of State Security (KGB). Formed in 1995, the agency is committed to the country for intelligence, counter-terrorism and security enhancement and defense security. It has at least 250K personnel containing undercover agents, secret officers and foreign spies; it’s mainly fight the state crime, terror acts, drug smuggling and other internal security violence in the country.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-FSB-RUSSIA
  7. BND: Germany’s secret intelligence agency is known by the name of Bundesnachrichtendienst and for the convenience abbreviated as BND. It started working actively after World War II, it’s major aim being to gather information about the overseas countries and make policies to protect their state from them. BND also tries to prevent criminal and terrorist activities in Germany.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-BND-GERMANY
  8. RAW: Research and analysis wing of India was formed in 1968 and is headquartered in New Delhi. Though it’s official responsibility is to collect information about foreign countries that threaten India but has also been involved in sabotage activities throughout the world. It is credited with breaking up Pakistan in 1971 and recently funding and providing arms to the militant wing of MQM in Karachi.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-RAW-INDIA
  9. ASIS: The Australian Secret Intelligent Service (ASIS) agency was founded in 1951 by the executive power of the Commonwealth, the mission of ASIS is ‘Protect and promote Australia’s vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by Government’. Intelligence agency of Australia is also lined up in top intelligence agencies of 2015 as it has wide hold on intelligence all over the world with its disperse personnel.Top-10-Best-Intelligence-Agencies-in-The-World-2015-ASIS-AUSTRALIA
  10. Canadian Security Intelligence Service: Canadian Security Intelligence Service was formed in 1984 and was headquartered in Ontario Canada. It is directly answerable to the Canadian parliament with its main function being collecting information on foreign countries which have interests linked to Canada.image