Why Pakistan team desperately needs Virat kohli

Pakistan team lacks mental strength as well as the skills to bat aggressively to chase big targets. In a time where a score of 350 is easily chased, Pakistan team even struggles to chase 250. There are no big hitters down the order and neither is there any reliable middle order batsman that scores big hundreds at a good pace. In contrast, India has an ever-reliable batsman- Virat Kohli who has shown in the recent times that he is the best chaser by far. No batsman is close to him when it comes to chasing.

The poor batting line-up of Pakistan looks up to their bowlers to win matches by restricting the opposition to smaller scores under 250 or by bowling them out cheaply. And it’s very rare that a victory is a set-up by batsmen. So the question is when are we going to see a class batsman who can chase well under pressure? I’m not asking for a player of Virat Kohli’s pedigree but somewhat closer to him as Pakistan has currently no reliable chaser.

What Pakistan needs is a self-less batsman in the middle order that plays well under pressure. This will spur the other batsmen playing around him which would bring out a positive mindset which is currently severely lacking.