Famous apps and their desi counterparts!

The trend to develop desi counterparts of western apps knows no bounds and in recent years this trend has reached unprecedented heights. Here are a few western apps and their desi counterparts developed in Pakistan in recent years.

  1. Tinder and PoondiApp

If you have western tastes when it comes to finding out life partners than maybe Tinder.com would be the right option for you but if you prefer desi girls than PoondiApp would be the right option for you though it might spoil your mother’s dreams of a gori bahu!

  1. Google Maps & Chalo Navigator

If you have been outside of Pakistan than you would surely have come across people using Google maps to navigate their way through. In Pakistan though this trend remained a rarity. Not any more for a desi version of Google maps has finally appeared and it’s called Chalo Navigator. It helps you to locate the nearest ATMs, fuel stations, optimal routes to certain destinations, restaurant locators and their menus and so much more!

  1. Sidereel & Toffee TV

If you like watching Anger Management, two and a half men and other western soaps than you would surely have come across Sidereel. Finally its desi counterpart Toffee tv too has been developed and with this you can view user news about the latest episodes of Pakistani dramas and TV shows

  1. Subway Surfers & Run Sheeda Run

Being a desi it no doubt was weird running through all those subways in the game when you pretty well knew that it would take decades before such things appeared in your own homeland nevertheless with its desi counterpart Run Sheeda Run, now you can navigate through the streets of Lahore with fun and pride

  1. Spotify & Patari Music

Having had enough of Spotify being unavailable in our country, we were in a dire need of a desi music website. Well here it is a new desi website called Patari music which boasts of an impressive collection of Pakistani music through the decades available for streaming!