Fifty Shades of Nawaz

We all know that Mr. Nawaz Sharif doesn’t have a healthy relationship with the armed forces of the country. Maybe it is because they have trouble sharing the power that is at their disposal or is it because they are both incompatible.

It started out in 1999 when Nawaz Sharif made Gen Pervaiz Musharraf Chief of Army staff and ironically he was the one to overthrow him after a debacle of Kargil. The relationship has been hot and cold with the army ever since.

I was reading the novel a little while back and found many similarities between that and the life of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, that novel was ’Fifty shades of Grey’. The idea may seem absurd at first but once in the head it kind of seems amusing.

We know that fortunately or unfortunately he has never been able to fulfill his tenure in the government but it partly is his fault.

He always likes to play with the fire, to see the extreme limit to every scenario, to feel in absolute control not realizing that it is the people that have voted and made him into what he is now.

In the first tenure, he tried confronting the army, we may understand that he was a virgin back then as a politician but he should have been able to learn from the experiences.

It seems now that it is his fetish to flirt with danger and he has been doing it ever since as if it is an addiction, the same way that Christian Grey, the main character in the novel had in bondage and BDSM.

He formed a relationship with the armed forces and was curious as to where it would lead, it led to a spanking that he himself kind of asked for.

It took him time to realize that both of them were not compatible but not before a good spanking, which resulted in him being forced into exile.

He had a professional relationship with Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, he may have wanted to sign a professional contract with him just like Christian Grey wanted to with Anastasia Steele, kind of like friends with benefits, Nawaz Sharif wanted to learn from the master in the form of Zardari but by the scenario we can safely assume that he has learned nothing, all he is left with is a slogan to his name that is trending on every social network and aims and aspirations and being distant to everyone, not being able to form a partnership with anyone and being socially distant.

He is and would be as alone as Christian Grey at the end of the novel, there would be a time he would have to suppress his urges to launder money, to misuse power and he would end up being alone, stressed and helpless.