Music and Fusion: Coke Studio vs Nescafe Basement


Coke studio when it first aired created waves in the music industry, it was a fresh concept that the people took well to. What made it different was that it took old classics that were evergreen and mused it with modern instrument and tunes, in short a modern remake of a classic. It was refreshing for the ears and had no competitors.

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Is ISIS a threat to Pakistan?


IS or ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) as it is commonly known these days is a self proclaimed unrecognized state and a Sunni jihad group having its base in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East. It also self proclaims itself as a caliphate with their main objective being controlling the Muslim inhabited areas starting with the Levant region which includes the states of Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus and part of southern Turkey.

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Escaping flu the easy way

‎We see that when the flu season comes, most probably when the weather changes, be it from summer to winters or the other way around, people tend to feel irritated and carry a box of tissues, sniffing their nose regularly and coughing too when the things get tougher. Majority of the time sore throat and fever supplement the common cold.

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Do expensive cars get girls easily?

The media has a huge role in the portrayal of the society and what we see today in films and tele dramas is that the main character wears the sleekest dresses, the coolest shades and has the latest car under his belt, and what all these things ultimately lead to is the girl of his dreams. What the normal person can observe is that he needs to be a show off to let the world know that he is worth noticing.

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