‘Go Home Indian Media,’ Nepal chants in unison

Every profession in the world must have some ethics, including journalism India. However it seems while covering the earthquake hit Nepal, Indian media clearly lost all semblance of professionalism and covered the event like a family drama.

For most ordinary Nepalis without any doubt Indian media molested Nepal and aggravated the country’s tragedy.

There have been many allegations in the past few days about the behavior of Indian journalists on the ground in Nepal. In one incident, an Indian reporter was seen shoving a microphone at a mother who had just lost her son before asking, “How do you feel?”

Indian media didn’t seem to report about the troubles facing Nepali people rather tried to twist and decorate the news to show Indian aid workers in a better light. Among the people who raised their voice against such abnomaly more Indians were seen as compared to Nepalis.

Hash tagging #GoHomeIndianMedia has currently become the no.1 trend in India and this tag is also getting popular worldwide and by now is no.2 worldwide.

Even popular news workers and experts are seen using this hash tag!

Indian media doesn’t seem to be in Nepal to help but just to show off judging by its present reporting! It’s definitely working less and bragging more! The people of Nepal are probably going through the worst tragedy ever to affect their country and they need more moral and material support than showing off by Nepal’s giant neighbor. In the midst of such a tragedy doing reporting like taunting Pakistani and Chinese aid workers isn’t going to help Nepal India! Maybe the Indian government needs to launch a program to teach Indian journalists ethics on emergency basis!