Islamabad was never the second most beautiful capital in the world

You may have heard the news last year that Islamabad has been declared the second most beautiful capital in the world. Well, guys, that news was fake. This news was originally published by a website called TopTenFindings: a website which publishes public-submitted Top 10 lists. So most probably this article was submitted by someone like you and me.

You cannot simply believe the news is true unless there is a proof or otherwise it is published by a reputed source like Lonely Planet, BBC or National Geographic, etc. Furthermore, these Top ten lists are not an individual’s view but it requires a survey by a number of people and research.

The news also appeared in our local newspapers and well-known news websites like Daily Pakistan and Dawn. This proves how stupid our media is. Even CDA marketed this news on billboards. Nobody bothered to check the original source.

I know some people will say that anything which brings smiles on the face of our people even if it is a lie, it’s worth it. Well, I totally disagree.