The most annoying people on Facebook!

No we do not want to place allegations on someone directly. It’s just something we need everyone to be conscious about. After all we all need to be conscious our end, as annoying people on Facebook are often the last ones to realize after they’ve done a lot of damage to all of those in their friend lists. Go through all these ‘symptoms’ to confirm whether you’re (hopefully) not one of them before it’s too late.

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The Game Requester
Candy crush saga anyone? Or perhaps register in ‘who-saw-your-profile’ just to get an idea on who came across your profile for a review? No? Oh it’s alright; we’ll request it tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, or even a few hours ahead of now. You may change your mind anytime to accepting a request after all, or you’ll suffer the wrath of being bombarded with requests every single time you log in to check notifications.

Seriously, everyone’s left to wonder whether these people are actually sponsored by these Facebook apps to get them more users via their social networks. Blocking them off is the means of last resort left at the hands of many followers.

The self-absorbed socialist
These people think they have a social responsibility to post ‘selfies’ or profile pictures every single day, or in some more obnoxious cases, wherever they go within that single day. Thank heavens there came in mobile applications like SnapChat to deal with such cases, just so that they can expend their tendencies towards these alternate venues rather than victimizing their friends on Facebook. Their Facebook behavior may even involve a string of check-ins just so that they let their online community know where they are, they were or have been around the area.

The event registrar
He is an event manager, a ticket holder, or even an usher for a stream of regular events happening at universities, conferences, clubs, cafes or even organizations. He has to send in invitations to everyone in his friend list, end to end, even to people who barely know him. The funny thing is, even after getting a feedback from some people repeatedly, event after event, that they simply ignore such invitations or even officially decline them, they will continue sending invitations to the same people.

The over-dedicated follower
Okay this category is controversial. Some might classify this type among stalkers, others would just let this one slip as the one trying to ‘fall in the trend’ or trying to reach out and be acceptable and recognized by everyone. What these people do is they approve their ‘like’ to every post, every check-in and every picture they come across their friends or their newsfeed. Sure, that’s approved as a way to socialize too. The way others get intimidated is that they leave a string of their ‘likes’ strewn across the newsfeeds of their followers. Their constant presence online is what makes the whole matter annoying, one way or the other.