Why the Cricket World Cup is Awesome!

With the arrival of the next cricket world cup drawing near, it’s hardly a surprise for anyone to see the signs of cricket craze on the streets of Pakistan. And though we as a nation were most perturbed when India out of the blues managed to sneak out another world cup win, maybe it was a sigh of relief to see the Aussies loose for once.

With Aussies having lost their glamour no team seems too good to bet on for now yet with the euphoria of the next world cup drawing near the gamblers are clearly having their day. As unfortunate as it may seem, their stake in crickets seems to be the highest for now.

And not to forget our sweet old Mian sahab who might finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the world cup draws the people’s attention away from political gimmicks of the evil Khan.

The aunties too might have their day as the world cup gives them new topics for gossip, turning their attention briefly away from the the traditional saas bahu operas and perhaps our traditional nand Bhabhi rivaly.

Moreover our uncles too stand to gain as the end of the dharna dryes up the traditional drawing room gossip, well here comes a new sensation.

But the biggest beneficiaries will no doubt be the hundred million strong youth of this country now devoid of political concerts and living too dry a life. For them the arrival of the world cup means a greater chance to hang out at night away from the suspicious glances of Abaa jaan for watching a cricket match late is no sin though convinced as they all are, their team stands little chance of winning.

And last but not the least the chaaye walas, the restaurants and the caterers who might finally find some business outside the shaadi season. As for us the booming sales of Afridi shirts and increasing media focus on cricket are clear signs that the world cup bonanza is finally here.