Do expensive cars get girls easily?

The media has a huge role in the portrayal of the society and what we see today in films and tele dramas is that the main character wears the sleekest dresses, the coolest shades and has the latest car under his belt, and what all these things ultimately lead to is the girl of his dreams. What the normal person can observe is that he needs to be a show off to let the world know that he is worth noticing.

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An upcoming Pakistani movie Malik based on Malik Riaz

Movie on Malik Riaz

Having played a multitude of varying roles on the silver screen and eventually foraying into movies, Humayun Saeed is known for his versatile acting and considered by the female population as a heart-throb. Even though I personally never found his acting to be of much dynamicity, the trailer for his upcoming flick “Malik” blew me away.

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