India’s Mauka Mauka Guy!


As we all know India’s mauka mauka adds have backfired to the extent that at its mere mention the blue jersey’s hang their heads in shame (Lolzzz)! Nevertheless have we ever wondered who this Mauka Mauka guy potraying Pakistan really is? Is he really a Pakistani or another crazy Pakistani hater Indian! Here are some of the fun facts related to this man!

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Bob Woodward’s book Obama’s War refers Pakistan as being obsessed with India

Bob Woodward obama's war

A few days ago I had the opportunity to read Bob Woodward’s new book Obama’s War. An interesting book it greatly opens one’s eyes to how the world views Indo-Pak relations in general.  Bob not only referred to Pakistan as being obsessed with India with self created disputes but clearly hinted about Pakistan being little more than just a hurdle in the face of a new and rising India which sooner or later would have to come under India’s feet.

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