Reham khan

Does Reham Khan too has a fake degree!

EditorAug 18, 2015

Mubashar Luqman calls Shahbaz Sharif, Shehnaz Sharif!

EditorJul 8, 2015

Zaid Hamid sentenced for 1200 lashes and eight years in prison for speaking against Saudi government!

EditorJul 8, 2015

Imran Khan increases the number of Sethi punctures to 70!

EditorJul 7, 2015

Internet goes crazy over Komal Rizvi’s stupid selfie!

EditorJul 6, 2015
Centaurus mall pindi boyz

Centaurus mall in Islamabad starts charging entry fees of Rs. 100 to keep out Pindi boyz!

EditorJul 4, 2015

Pakistan in 40’s – 50’s and 60’s

EditorJul 3, 2015
business in pakistan

Why Pakistan is the coolest place to do business in the 21st century!

EditorJul 3, 2015
Imran Khan and daughter

Imran Khan’s daughter celebrated her 23rd birthday with family!

EditorJul 2, 2015

Purana Pakistan

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