Fazlur Rehman asks Army chief to launch operation against non burqa women all over the country!

EditorJul 2, 2015
WikiLeaks exposed Mubashir Luqman

Mubashir Luqman caught red handed lying about WikiLeaks!

EditorJun 30, 2015
Ayyan Ali is pregnant

Ayyan Ali is pregnant!

EditorJun 30, 2015
Peshawar Cool Boys

Why Peshawari boys are the coolest in the country!

EditorJun 28, 2015
Asfandyar mother

Why Asfandyar Wali Khan’s Mommy hates him?

EditorJun 26, 2015

Imran proposed Reham in the container and the actual moment when he fell in love with her

EditorJun 20, 2015
Yahya khan & noor jehan

Yahya Khan dated Noor Jahan during the 71 war!

EditorJun 12, 2015
Islamabad the beautiful

10 reasons why Islamabad is the coolest place on Greenland!

EditorJun 12, 2015
Bilawal and Hina

Did Bilawal and Hina romance each other?

EditorJun 11, 2015
Top universities of pakistan 2015

HEC Announces University Rankings for 2015

EditorMay 26, 2015
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